Westcar S.r.l.
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Shoe Brakes

Service brakes, safety brakes, emergency brakes welded steel structure in accordance with standards DIN 15435


  • Service brake
  • Safety brake
  • Emergency brake

Original Equipment

  • Welded steel structure according to DIN 15435 - epoxy resin painting (2 coatings) - RAL 3000 final colouring.
  • Manganese phosphated pins.
  • Self-lubricating bushes on main joints.
  • Light alloy drums with asbestos free bonded linings.
  • Friction coefficient μ=0,42.
  • Braking torque scale indicator.


  • The drum brakes WESTCAR type A are negative.
  • The braking force is obtained by means of a spring that, through a suitable system of levers, transmits its amplified action to the braking pads.
  • Un attuatore elettro idraulico esercita un’azione opposta a quella della molla determinando, quando alimentato elettricamente, l’apertura del freno.
  • An electrohydraulic or pneumatic thrustor makes an opposite force to the spring, causing the pads to open, therefore the brake to release.
  • The braking force of the linings against the drum can be modulated by adjusting the spring.
  • Braking torque changes depending on braking force modulation.


  • Automatic wear compensation (RG).
  • Linings max wear indicator (fitted on rod) (FCU).
  • Open brake indicator, either fitted on thrustor or on spring set (to be specified) (FCA).
  • Larger drum (50% wider) (L).
  • Stainless steel pins (INOX)